The Okinawa dugong is, more than ever, under the threat of extinction as Prime Minister Noda is pressing for completion of the EIA for building a US military base offshore Henoko. The EIA is only a 'ceremony' necessary to proceed to a next step. We have started an international petition so that the Noda administration realize that the people of the world care and are closely watching. Please join us in this petition campaign by clicking the 'link' mark below.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda: Stop building a new US military base offshore Henoko, Okinawa


-Offshore Henoko spreads a beautiful water still rich in wildlife. The place holds a wide colony of seagrass, the only food dugongs eat. The Okinawa dugong is the northern-most member of the species.@The mermaid legend is based on these marine mammals. It is on the verge of extinction, only about a dozen or so remain. Mr. Noda, as you are well aware, the Okinawans are strongly opposed to building a new US base in their land or sea; their Prefecture, only 0.6% of the country, holds more than 70% of the US bases in Japan. Mr. Prime Minister, you ignore the Okinawan's protest and planning to landfill this peaceful Henoko water in order to build a huge airbase. The marine ecosystem would be lost together with the surviving Okinawa dugong. Mr. Noda, you are offering a huge sum of money to the Okinawans so that they swallow the burden. The money will only split the people, used to unnecessary development so destructive to natural environment. The new base, if completed, would be surrounded by the local people's ill will. Mr. Noda, as the Prime Minister of Japan, the host nation of COP 10, has the duty to lead the world in an effort to preserve the biodiversity. Please stop a further destruction of the Mother Earth !